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Özet Halinde Avrupa - 21-08-2018
Hot and dry
Thundery again Alps

Issued: 0530hrs Tuesday 21st August 2018
Duty forecaster: Garry Nicholson

Rain returns to Norway by Wednesday

Generally high pressure extends across Europe, bringing plenty of fair weather. Warm and humid for many areas. Approaching 40C again for south-west Spain and Portugal. 32 to 35C for southern France and Italy. Some thunderstorms breaking out for the Alps, and local showers for central Italy, plus the Mediterranean islands. A weak cold front passes south-east across eastern Europe triggering local thunderstorms for Ukraine and Slovakia. Hot and dry for much of south-eastern Europe, 32 to 35C for Hungary and Greece.
Local showers or patchy drizzle for the Low Countries, otherwise northern Europe will be dry. High pressure builds from Germany into southern Scandinavia, giving dry and sunny conditions here, 19 to 24C Denmark, plus southern Sweden and Norway. A fresh westerly breeze for the northern Baltic, and the north of Norway will stay cool and showery.

Hot across southern and central Europe, with plenty of dry weather and light winds. Temperatures widely into the mid-30s Celsius, or nearer 40C for south-west Iberia. Local thunderstorms for northern Spain and the Pyrenees. Thundery again for the Alps, and a a risk of thundery showers breaking out for Corsica, Sardinia and Sicily. Fairly cloudy with patchy drizzle or the odd shower for the Low Countries and western Germany, feeling humid at 26 to 28C. High pressure over eastern Europe brings fair weather to Poland and the Baltic states. Some thunderstorms over the Romanian mountains. Low pressure over the Norwegian Sea pushes fronts into Norway, bringing heavy rain and brisk winds. Patchy rain spreads to Sweden, but Finland stays dry.

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